Abbey & Steven Graves

October  2014                                                                                                                Raleigh, NC Wedding

Dancing In The Rain                                                                                                     Family Residence, Raleigh, NC

Jennifer Davidson was my wedding planner for my October 2014 wedding. Hiring her was hands down the best money I spent for the wedding. She took so much burden off of my plate and was very doting and helpful. Jennifer remained calm under pressure. I decided to forgo a rain plan...and it rained, but Jennifer jumped into action and knew exactly what to do. She kept my guests happy and dry and made the absolute best out of a situation that could have gone south very quickly but I ended up having the greatest day of my life and it would not have happened without her there. She also did my beautiful flowers (both bouquets and centerpieces) and provided many of the decorations for the event, even customizing them to fit with my colors. She is such a class act- professional, honest, and a hard worker and can put together a gorgeous event. HIGHLY recommended.

Abbey & Steven


Amy & Brett Dotson

April 2014                                                                                                                Wilmington, NC Wedding

Mint & Coral Daydream Wedding                                                                         Saint Thomas Preservation

Jennifer planned our wedding which took place in April 2014. She is without a doubt the best in the business and exceeded all expectations we had for what our wedding would be. She truly has a gift for event planning and I can unequivocally say that using Jennifer Davidson was the best decision we made for our wedding. From our engagement through to the reception, Jennifer was by our side was planning everything to a level of detail that is second to none. She really got to know me and my husband and tailored everything to our style and preferences. Jennifer planned around OUR vision of our wedding, rather than HER vision of our wedding, which meant that although we had ‘help’, everything was completely ‘us’!

Jennifer is a tireless, methodical organizer. She worked with all of our vendors on our behalf making sure we were getting the most for our money and that everything was just as we wanted it. She took care of everything we would have otherwise overlooked. Not only was Jennifer my wedding planner, she planned and coordinated two of my bridal showers and my Bachelorette Party. To say Jennifer’s events are amazing would be an understatement. She worked tirelessly to ensure that every detail was attended to and that our personality shined through.

Quite simply, we could not have done it without Jennifer and I cannot thank her enough for everything she did for us, especially those things we don’t even know about. She is an honorary member of our family, not just our planner. If you are looking for a passionate, personal, creative, organized, energetic, no-nonsense wedding planner, look no further.



Isabel & Rachid Zermani

January 2012                                                                                                               Wilmington, NC Wedding

Vintage Theatre Inspired Wedding                                                                           Thalian Hall

I hired Jennifer to plan my January 2012 wedding and I ended up having an incredible event that was so special (and tailor fit) to me, but also a wedding people still talk about! She was with me every step of the way: budgets, venue, theme/colors/style, catering, table arrangement, day-of scheduling and management. As a new bride with a lot of decisions to make, I relied heavily on her expertise. She had a solution for every problem and went the extra ten miles to make my vintage-inspired theater wedding happen.

She has a special talent for listening. I started out with a billion ideas and she helped me choose the ones that would really work and let go of the ones that, though I wanted them at the time, would've been bad choices. (She saved me from myself!) I'm very arty and did do a lot myself, designed my own invitations, programs, etc, but there were some places where you just need to spend the money for fear of having a rag-rag wedding. Jennifer was always considerate and honest with me as I consulted her on each choice. She also knows all the old school proper etiquette if you're into that.

With so many wedding service providers I needed to hire that just wanted to bleed my pocketbook, I felt relieved to have Jennifer on board to trust. She knows the true value of things and guided me through. Also, Jennifer has style. This needs to be known. The woman has taste and style above and beyond the other event planners I considered. Plus she kept us on a tight schedule the day of. I was in such an out of body joy-space I would have forgotten to do the father-daughter dance or cut the cake if it wasn't for her. Seriously, for any bride that thinks they can do without a coordinator day-of, it would've been impossible. Jennifer she cooly kept the whole show going. I truly feel like I had the most beautiful, fun, intimate wedding and I could not have had that without her.